For home use with hi-fi systems, the best headphone choice for optimum sound quality would be an open-backed design. If noise leakage is important, choose an in-ear headphone or closed back design. Most of our headphones have spares available for the ear pads and cables, should they suffer wear and tear in use. The majority of headphones for home use are terminated with a 1/4" stereo jack plug, and an adaptor is usually included to convert to 3.5mm mini jack if needed.

Cordless headphones are a good choice for TV or movie viewing, allowing you freedom of movement with excellent sound quality. The rechargeable battery offers hours of listening time, and when you are finished, just pop them back on to the charging base station.

Noise-cancelling headphones are great when listening in noisy environments such as a train or aircraft - they allow you to concentrate on the music completely, and also do not leak sound to those around you.

Quality headphones will always sound much better when driven by a dedicated headphone amplifier, so if you are serious about getting a great sound from your phones, invest in a good quality headphone amplifier.

For more information on purchasing the best headphones for you, please give us a call or drop into the store for a demo.