Home Cinema

To create a memorable movie experience at home, a home cinema system with a large, clear picture and dynamic surround sound effects are essential. The two main television types are LCD or plasma flat panel TV with screen sizes ranging from 32" to 55" or more. A TV such as this can double as the family Television for the watching of news, and general TV programmes, but also act a great home cinema screen. We specialise in supplying Loewe TV as it is far better engineered than the mainstream brands of TV and has infinitely better aesthetics and picture quality. Internet streaming of content is now commonplace in TV's, with YouTube, BBC iPlayer and other content freely available. Alternatively, for those with space, a front projector and matching screen bring big images to your home cinema, at really affordable prices.

The centrepiece of a home cinema system is the AV receiver, which is the connection hub for all of your sources (Blu-ray player, DVD player, Sky, Apple TV, PlayStation 4 etc), your TV/ projector and also powers your 5.1 surround sound speaker package. Make sure the AV receiver you choose has enough HDMI inputs for your needs, and that if you want to stream music to your home cinema system from your home network, make sure it has an ethernet port. Power outputs of AV receivers vary widely too, so choose one that will comfortably drive your home cinema speaker package. Good quality speaker cables and banana plugs complete the system.

HDMI cables are the replacement for the SCART cable, enabling digital audio/ video and control signals to be sent to and from each component in your home cinema system. You may also need digital cables ( coaxial digital or optical digital ) to route the digital sound output of your SKY box to the AV receiver. Also, don't forget that your subwoofer will need a long audio interconnecting cable to hook up to your Home Cinema Receiver or HDMI amplifier.